Dreams from Another World.

Declassified, Explicit and probably Illegal.

Note: Daft title. The server also keeps shutting down. Also that noted perhaps we mean all day, these theories. Hebrew.. And be aware reading my speculations. The sensation of smell, has been noted somewhere in Scientific literature, to have a curious place in everything. So, what is this page about applications? Currently there are Zero applications. Perhaps Body-building. It's difficult writing this page while dealing With Cyberpunks and the Chaos Theory. Certainly, the normal area of Harmonics theory (Bruce Cathie), has applications in medicine and for body-building.

And I will get around to restoring all from my World Grid section, after seriously trying to validate all the content, maybe. And I might get around, into validating the rest of the content as well. The previous content. This on the so-called World Grid Geometry section the old Index which I am cleaning up, for anyone except me, that can make any sort of sense from it. It is there but there's only so much that one can understand through manipulation of the numerology, in all this. There may actually or not, have been some productive content (images, graphs, and etc) which now is now unavailable until the re-writing is done completed.

This is currently the contents of this page: Boolean loops sacred numbers is now live. Also added now some Natural Expressions with speculation. Note 2: Euler's number versus Physics and Synergetics rewritten as well. And more fit ideas on Nikola Tesla vs The Sun and the Schumann Resonance. And Relativity equations with Sqrt(2) and Pyramid Height.. Something on Relativity and Anti-Vacuum.. All this rewritten October.

New entry (October 2021/earlier): I have updated my so-called UFO Tables (vs Norway's Hessdalen Phenomena). Frequencies?

I have also made an entry on here on Remote Viewing and Parapsychology, for entertainment purposes only and an experiment. Read at your own risk.

Now I have made a list of books that I have enjoyed.