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Note. I find next to all this is possibly The Prose Edda.. Unfortunately, I do not speak neither Icelandic, nor old Norse and our translations don't seem right. I am totally in favour of keeping the authorised texts of Viking to the works of the Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson. The smaller authorised texts are, the harder they are to mangle. A witch without a cauldron is Zen here. I like it. .. Note: The daft whatever rest of this site has been moved away. Do access it here.

But some notable entries. 1. Looking at Remote Viewing results.

When there is no Dark Matter, what is there do? Note: On possible FTL travel, short explanation. Light normally "propagates" through any space. If there was something (or anything) in "the other end" (to where light accelerates/propagates) we would have two things. Anti-vacuum areas, of space would exist in some sense virtual or not. We have that if the receiving end has "anti-gravity" it would make 720 degrees (noted in Quantum Physics) this and this would be a picture of a Triangle. Light both Travels up a diagonal, and is pulled from the other one. The vertical distance at least, is then shorter than both diagonals in sum. The total distance measured just in a triangle, is variable for it's shape. There may, or may not be any psychological implications.

This is in contrast to normal theory where it might have been said that light travels the distance measured by both diagonals, but since one of them (the mathematics of this is being described) is for anti-gravity then again the horizontal would be said to do with the other diagonal 1-1=0. ..This is not the same as Buckminster Fuller described where it's said Nature (or the Universe) use the most economic ways, thus one in this theory do not measure cube as Area not a Triangle. But since two normal..triangles is a reduction of Square, then one might explain this as an inverse-like theory like Energy/speed is mc² but since the cube/square is two triangles and 1/x then some other theory is validated.

Also what make all this possible is breaching relativity. Normally in Einstein we square the light speed, but a presumption then has to me made. We have in theory an infinite big medium. Then there's in theory an infinite speed of light there, hence forth this makes "relativity" c². But what this angle says, is that it is possible. Again since we have half a square a triangle we have say that static light speed is just. There are some (supplement) details on this on the actual web page. One person had described his as D=c**4. "Angular momentum is a conserved quantity".

Note. On the existence of psychological "Paralogs". One fact lets say from a book, does validate a information from somewhere else, even if it should have been "hidden" there. Akin to being cross-eyed. And even worse, is X/Y/Z == A → B. Unfortunately in some cases this would equal a certain medical condition , where on pupils is larger than the other. Does this say anything about William Gibson's film feature "Johnny Mnemonic".