Book list and reviews / comments.

Micheal Sheremer - The Believing Brain.

This book is a clever account. That it seems that weather or not one have a belief in anything in particular (like the Paranormal i.e) reading a book on all this from the viewpoint of Brain Science, is very usefull. This book is from a sceptic, but whatever, because of material in this book it reads as anything. Shermer has explained precisely why one does not have to go crazy, on things at all. Every believer, has to read sceptics material.

Bruce Cathie - The Harmonic Conquest of Space.

This is the first book I read got for my self related to UFOs. It's been a great companion for years on end, and there always seem to be more deeper levels from it. Bruce Cathie was, the public expert on what we would term "Energy Harmonics"..This book also explain the mathematics involved with their computer program World Grid Atlas, which is software to display these energy pathways / grid-lines that are here on Earth.

Mikhail Gorbastjov - Perestroika.

The Spirit (Perestroika) of this book is incredible, especially from the perspective of us being Social Creatures. Beyond Socialism, this book is a very lucid and vivid account about Humans on Earth. This books is even bigger than Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path, which is also a good book! May finish reading.

Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics.

This is supposed to be a book on the Astral Travel, whatever that is. Here I am just wondering how this books would fit into someone travelling in general. If Astral Travel is real, then Robert Bruce knows about it.

R. Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path.

At their Symposium in 1989 it was found that "success" for all Humans was viable here on Earth. This was even proven, and described in mathematical Synergetics terms. This book describe the steps needed, for us to realize that dream.

David Morehouse - Psychic Warrior.

A book which is a try at initiation into Remote Viewing. The Author has written the book in script-form, as an initiation into Remote Viewing. We have noted most abduction material that are read as some scripts, and this book is no exception. All around, this is a good book though, with an intriguing story on a journey of Remote Viewing. It is an action packed story really, on an army veteran having become wounded, and initiating a journey into Remote Viewing.

Lyall Watson - Supernature.

This book was named "A fascinating feast of cosmic law and order..compelling reading.". It seems that most authors who are into Science, they do not consider the deeper levels on what they are looking at. Great book though, as meditation material. The subtitle of this book here is A natural history of the supernatural. This book is hiding in plain sight.

Micheal Talbot - The Holographic Universe.

"A remarkable new theory of reality that explains: The latest frontiers from Physics. The Paranormal abilities of the mind. And the unsolved riddles of the brain and body.". We had acquired this book, not knowing how it was a more important book, with respect to the subject at hand. One of the things evident about these Holograms, is that they can be several places at the same time.