Some Graphs and loops of computation with boolean functions/operations Sacred Mathematics.

This page should talk about plotting 2D graphs which are waveforms, from mathematical expressions like x&y.

Please note, that these numbers are from Sacred mathematics/geometry whatever, or the World Grid stuff and may be computed, with Boolean Algebra. The boolean operations on the significant numbers/digits are combined with programming is within a limited number range, and then the resulting digits then are plotted into diagrams shown here. There are repeating cycles that appear. It is logical, and better that the cycles are repeating due the inherit nature of bitwise boolean mathematics in this. Do also note, that the writer here have never heard of "advanced wave mechanics". The Google however notes that Wave Mechanics is "a method of analysis of the behaviour of atomic phenomena with particles represented by wave equations.". This was probably not related to these cycles.

I have noted somewhere else that this may have applications in the medicinal industry vs body-building. I would rather like, to comment this is not Black Magic either, despite that all this might resemble the wave / particle duality vs double-slit experiment.

The best cycle that appear are what from the so-called Harmonic value for speed of Light (144.000.000 geodesic grid-miles per grid second) which it is the Harmonic value 144 (144&x→256) derived. This is clearly a regular phase-shifting cycle, that appear. Some mathematics about this, that if we assume there are 90 degrees angles in this waveform, we have that the binary system is related so that 90/0.16=14.4.

However the dimension of it, look very wrong. The mathematical expression is 144&x→256 where x in practice goes to Infinity, but a limited cycle is created with x going up to 256 or 512. Here actually the value used is 288 (twice 144) but it's the same pattern. Note that & represent the "and" operator, in Boolean algebra.

The resulting pattern look like this: boolean288x

In practice something like 90&x→256 (from the 90 degree right angle) may be computed as well, and would look like this: 90andx

This one was also phase Shifting but not in a regular way as with 144&x→256. It's dimension seem normal, perhaps a thought is to do something akin to interlace these graphs then, somehow.

These were two computations using the &/and operator. We may also use the or operator as in 288|x→256: 288orx

Phase-shifting. All of these cycles does a dynamics phase-phase shifting. The first one look straight forwards. The second one not so regular and if it was an electrician perhaps, that saw this what would he comment. The last one has the phase shifting while it a theoretical current is still increasing. And, that there here are more curious cycles that would be shown, they have various patterns but all of them loop, though this of course is because of the way bitwise boolean operations work in general (should be noted). Thus in this stuff it's impossible to have infinite/random variation in the graphs produce, and we are done.

We might further add what the exclusive or function xor or ^, would make such a graph look like.

Somewhere we have noted that 144! or rather the sum of 1-144 which is 10440 and to double that to 20880 and print the graphs probably the and-function 20880&x→256. Note that with bigger numbers like this one used there are more, could be more variation in the graph as shown 20880&x→256:20880andx

Analysis of all this is superficial here. Someone with knowledge of what increase decrease in the ampere, voltage and watt might have an opinion on it. Only note here is that 144 or 288&x seem to have a relation to 20880&x that may say that there is a vague connection between 144 then and 144!.

We do and have a theoretical connection, or link, for an electrician. It should be shown sooner that as shown these values 144, 360, 90 and so on have never been arbitrary values. One must remember that despite the elusive nature of energy, mass and matter, if they should be measured (and expressed) perhaps geometry is what. In other words Geometry is the only language that Humanity has available currently in all this. Consequently it is a faint hope that geometry as we know it, and include Synergy/Synergetics, should apply with this. This is all good, because one might never find the Latin Alphabet to have any use in here in comparison.

If we calculate watt with 144 volts and variable amplitude (x) like here we find the 725/720 Harmonic again. The roof of x in ((144*x)-7.25)/x` is 0.0503472 somehow → *2 ≃ 0.1006944444.

Some Natural Expressions based on the logic of the Decimal system. Plus speculations.

Please note here we are mostly showing some natural non-Holomorphic sequences here. There is a messy text here. I will show them now in addition to how the text was written initially:

((1/(n*5/2))+(1/(n*2/5)))*n is equal to 2.9. A relationship here is that 2.9/(725/720)=2.88.

(1/(n*5/2))/(1/(n*2/5)) is equal to 0.16. Note that 1 electron-volt = 1.6 x 10⁻¹⁹ Joule.

(1/(n*5/2)+(1/(n*2/5))/(1/(n*5/2)) is equal to 7.25.

Additionally one not based on 2 and 5:
(1/(n*5/3))+(1/(n*3/5)))*n = 2.26666666..(34/15).

Can we relate this to other Harmonic values. Suppose 90/(7.25*0.16). 288/145. Back-trace hackers to 288/144=2. The ratio is of course Proton/electron ratio 1.0069444444444444.

We can have, something like 2.9/0.16 = 18.125 is 145/8. Whatever right now.

We must have some other digits of possible significance. Here we will explore some expressions based on interactions of the natural numbers 2 and 5. A note that 2*5=10. And also note that divide and multiply these give the same so-called Harmonics. In example 5*5 is 25 and 5/2 is 2.5. Or 6*5 is 30 and 6/2 is 3. Being creative we have made some Expressions based on these examples. The following sequences are not related to any pattern (Holomorphic?) though. Physics is a very complex matter.

It has been noted elsewhere, that the square root of 5 is close to a tangent of the speed of light. It was also noted, that the sum of two tangents of relative Harmonics was also equal to the square root of 5.

((1/(n*5/2))+(1/(n*2/5)))*n is equal to 2.9. Out version of the Wien's displacement constant but it is not an exact match, at all. However if it was would be. This digit is used later in other equations we dabble with.

(1/(n*5/2))/1/(n*2/5) is equal to 0.16 (4/25). We do note that 1 electron-volt = 1.6 x 10⁻¹⁹ Joule. And Heavy speculation would have that this one would be related to what? Elementary charge (e.g. (charge of a proton)) perhaps which is usually 1.602176634 x 10⁻¹⁹ C. Also both Proton Mass and Neutron Mass (and also Deuteron mass) have values near this static constant.

(1/(n*5/2)+1/(n*2/5))/(1/(n*5/2)) is equal to 7.25. The work here should evolve into something more complex.

I have noted somewhere that 45.3125 degrees relative to 90 degrees should be.. The tangent of 45.3215 equals the tangent of 725/16. If we then have x=90/45.312 and assume sin(x) then the answer is sin(288/145).

It would be convenient to add an entry here on how Bruce Cathie's 6 and 2 fit with something like this: We have 145/1152 that is equal to 45.3125/360. The tangent of 45.3215 equals the tangent of 725/16 equal to 4.075879634931999. We then have 45.3125/(15/8*2.9)= 45.3125/5.4375=0.12. This is just a hunch but 6*2 would be Harmonic 12. Noted elsewhere 87/16=5.4352

Here we would also note that 725/(5**4) = 725/625 = 1.16 = 7.25*0.16. It's stated somewhere that 625 should be related to 1 Ampere in the Coulomb. It's probably a big impossibility that we will find, eventually, a system of Physics based on stuff like this. But we may and dream about it. All the associations on this page are for speculation only. Another relationship 10440/90=116.

288/2.9 is 99.3103448275862. The value 288 is taken from author Bruce Cathie's book on this subject. It is twice the again Harmonic of the speed of light 144. If we skim through Physics tables for this digit we find the Acceleration of gravity at earth's surface that is measured as 9.81 m/s². Bruce Cathie had noted that Gravity should be expressed as 1/144.

Some page report that Planck's constant is related to speed of light (h=Ep/λc). We have then 144/(1/2.9) which equates to 144/0.34482758620689660 which equal 417.6. In Physics tables Planck's constant is supposed to be near this value at 4.135 667 *10-15 electron-volt per second..

Nature does not play chess. However, if we have our theoretical theoretical constant 417.6 which is expressed in the measure of electron-volt per second, and that above we have calculated that, then what is their relationship?

417.6/0.16 = 2610.0. It would be better if the answer was 2160 because that is number of seconds in a geometrical circle, in other words 360*6. However it is shown above that 144! is 10440 as well another Castling (as in Chess). It would be better of course, if this digit had become 2160. Noted in number statistics 2610 is the product of 2 × 3^2 × 5 × 29. More trivial facts there are something called "Aliquot sum" (Sum of the proper positive divisors of n) here which bring us to 4410. Finally it's probably impossible for me, the author here to explain why Natural Physics say, should neither Castle or go backwards.

With the above. 2 × 3^2 × 5 × 29 = 90*29 = 2610. 90*0.16=14.4. 90*7.25=652.5. A complicated entry 90*7.25/144 equal 4.53125. The tangent of 4.53125 is equal to the tangent of 145/32 (5.460110732358225). 145 is related because 145/144=1.0069444444444444.

We had earlier noted that 90/0.16=14.4. We also have that 90/4.53125=(288*2)/29.

(1/(n*5/2)+1/(n*2/5))/(1/(n*5/2)) is equal to 7.25. The nearest constant that fit this one is the Fine Structure constant Alpha's inverse. However we're in luck otherwise: 2610/7.25 = 360. We might have added here that 725/720 is equal to 1.0069444444444444 which Bruce Cathie again, had stated was a mathematical Harmonic relationship between the Proton and the Electron.

In this we have the possibility to discuss that the cube of the root for 2610 is also something that look like Alpha's inverse just if we're in luck. Number theory pages also show that 2610*4 is equal to 144! is 10440. Again if 144! as shown, then somehow this points at Alpha / Alpha's inverse. We have also noted that 0.16 is equal to 4/25. Obviously, this is why one would regard multiplying 2160 by 4 as somewhat vaguely relevant.

We seem to have that Planck's constant has a relationship with this digit 417.6 which is derived from dividing 144 (speed of light) by our inverse of 2.9. The resulting digit (417.6) was then divided by the regular measure for electron volt (0.16), which it is also expressed in. This had given us 2610 which divided by 7.25 had resulted in 360 which is the digit for number of degrees in a circle. At least now we have some practical applications of the three more natural expressions listed.

Note that we have left out anything to do with in example, replacing the digit 2 with 3 in these expressions, but since we would do it there is a theory that we are dealing with primes here, and would make an expression identical but involving 3 instead of 2: (1/(n*5/3))+(1/(n*3/5)))*n = 2.26666666..(34/15).

There are some obvious connections between these expression now listed, they have been checked for being Holomorphic and was not but despite this:

7.25/2.9=2.5 Harmonic of 5*5.

7.25*0.16=1.16 and in "Energy equivalents" table it's shown (1 eV)/k= 1.160 451 812...×104 K. This k variable/constant should have been Boltzmanns constant.

2610: It's fun to note that the perimeter of a triangle with length n=2610 is equal to the classical Schumann Resonance is Harmonic 7830. However there is a discrepancy because 1/128 is 7.8125. Here 128 is of course 2*2*2*2*2*2*2. The number 2 used with creativity. Also it would have been expressed as 1/(144/1.125) where 1.125 is from Synergetics Constant S6.

We have used 2**7. What about 5**7 is of course 78125 due the rule about 5 and 2.

One last ditch attempt. 128*7.25=928. Bohr magnetron constant is expressed as e h/4πme is 9.274 009 994 *10-24. Searching through Physical tables for instances like this take time and that's not the scope for this page.