Any relation ship between Euler's number and Physics/Synergetics.

This Euler's number ~2.71828, is not normally associated with, or have any use if Physics. We have made a simple calculation that may, or may not give us a more Natural number out of this irrational number. Despite being an irrational number (like pi) it is derived from a sequence only involving the natural numbers. Of course an expert would be needed to give a final answer in this, also the comparison with Fuller's spheres might need elaboration.

We have that the expression e!*30 Pascal to PSI return approximately 0.018540 PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch). This digit also appear in Synergetics which has something called a Vector Equilibrium structure. This is a structure of so-called closest packed spheres. And see Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics for more details. With this the structure can have four layers, termed frequency. Then if there is a 4-frequency V.E. structure the cumulative number of Sphere's it consist of amount to the Harmonic that digit in example 18540 spheres, this is either exact or a multiple of said number of that construct.

There is a very vague connection to Bruce Cathie's work as well. It is stated somewhere in his book The Harmonic Conquest of Space that the Earth must have two interlocked magnetic fields possibly as in alternating current, I quote his book: "the unbalanced magnetic fields 1257 lines of force per square centimetre in one direction and 1850 in the other do not tell us very much in them selves.". Then perhaps we would speculate that there's a connection or Harmonic 18540.

There is a third last connection. 0.018540 PSI is a perfect conversion of relation to 29 miles Standard Atmosphere Altitude, and also other things if you have a look at this Wolfram Alpha page.

With respect to the mathematical coincidence an additional comment might be that while we have that the number of inter- relationship ((n**2-n)/2) for 18540 compared to a triangle of some n=18540 the resulting digits subtracted equal is 18540 as well.

Harmonic 10440, 648 and others. The Sun and Schumann Resonance, Versus Nikolai Tesla.

The number 10440 is the sum of all digits up to, and including 144. 144 as mentioner earlier is a Harmonic for the speed of Light we have that. If we make some again mathematical equation with regards to other article here, we may have the following expression: 10440/(725/720)/0.16=64800.. This digit is also mention in the Harmonic Conquest of Space on a few occasions, in relation to what the diameter, or circumference of the Sun etc. If this is also true, in theory we would say the Sun contain all the periodic table Elements.

We have 783*33830 is Harmonic 26488890 which would be 206944.44444*2*2*2*2*2*2*2. 783 is a Harmonic of the in the world, measured basic Schumann Resonance 7.82 or 7.83. To arrive at 782, then 33830 would no longer be a natural number. However 1008*7776 is 7838208. We do note, that 7838208 should be a higher, multiple of 7.83. 7838208 is related to 1008 also divisible (decimal) of 7838208/144 is 54432. If we wanted an awkward digit we would do 7838208/(72*6) that is 18144. Perhaps all this is not directly related to 10440. We have though that 1008/7=144. We have 7838208/648/6=2016. 2160-2016=144..

7838308-7830000=8308. If we want something complicated again this would do 8308/576*6*6 == 519.25. Workings backtracking. 512/6/6*576=8192.0. 8308/8192=116. Since 116 is a known integer already, we would conclude that this algebra is proof.

Nikola Tesla is quoted, as having said his believed magic was from "the powers of 3,6 and 9". If we then have 3!,6! and 9!. The three answers are 6,720, and 36288 good. We may see that this is about Light and the Earth or Schumann Resonance then since 36288/2 is 18144 which is calculated in the last paragraph. We may note that these numbers here are also concepts, or have symbolism attached to them. Somewhere it is noted that 720 is the number of degrees in the most simple/minimum knot on a rope.

Perhaps to make it more reasonable and we should have had 3!*6!*9! = 6*720*362880 = 1567641600.

The Square root of Two, to meddle with Harmonic Equations.

In earlier version of this web-site we had somehow shown that with certain changes in Bruce Cathie's shown "extended" relativity equations of E=mc², we would incorporate an interesting value into them, useful or not. This was sqrt(2) which had seemed to bear a relation to changing cos(45) with cos(60). And it was with regarding some analysis of various uses of his equations, along with the ratio for Pyramid height (possibly cos(45)).

And details on this are current here, more difficult to show. A fragment of the explanation is: "That difference becomes as E=(√1/c+√2)/(√2(1/c)**3/2) vs E=(√1/c+2)/(2(1/c)**3/2) i.e. lack of √2 when using cos(60)"

Maximum Light speed in Relativity and the theoretical Anti-vacuum.

With Einstein and his relativity though, we do know that just in theory Mass disregarded, that pure light travel at an Infinite speed in an Infinite big Medium which make out, some sort of relativity. If we were to add Mass to this paradox (the equations) with the Relativity Equations, we have to note and make out a theoretical type of zone of so-called Anti-Vacuum in Space and time (so to speak) that it's compressed Space, to allow for this Cancelling of mass, and the noted Square of C in respect to magnitude. The idea though about compressed Space as Anti-vacuum might be an idea that can not exist Physically. Some people seem to think, that space travel is a possibility.

C squared seem to in theory, to imply an infinite speed in an eternity. Logically of course. And mass in the equation should, also in theory have been subtracted from the compressed anti-vacuum. What all this says though.

Please note that only in Synergetics geometry three basic states are mentioned. This is +1, 0 and -1.

Relativity equations sinus Curve.

This it seems logical to note here that when dealing with these Relativity Equations from Bruce Cathie, on Mathematica/, where it's shown that to make a pure sinus curve, the only value for C that fit was Harmonic 144. This might be due to their system complaining that the equations were Dynamic, or something else.