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There are too many pages on, how to do Remote Viewing. We want to make another one slim. Otherwise have a look at for thorough Instructions. We are going to write on some of the topics that have appeared here during the Remote Viewing. And since, we don't write on how to do it rather more on results. Read all this at your own Risk. This page is not quite finished!

What are some things to Remote View. This page, may contain dreams of another world perhaps. One should not take this page seriously..But, then there is me and some noise here at least. See the note below on Language vs Mnemonics.

For those who travelled the Empty Sea.

One has to be very careful when one could Write about this topic. To explain how "to get down", to Remote Viewing is practically Impossible, there is a little logic to it though. With all types of regular Monitoring in society, everyone should eat a bit Remote Viewing for one self. (April 2021).
Mock and entries on Parapsychology. Some of these entries are still scrambled.

The following are some entries winter 2020 to Summer 2021:

The Number Stations have come to light, as Ingo Swan was published in the Nexus Magazine describing various supposed structures, on a Supposed Dark side of The Moon. Obviously, there are no "Satcom system" images of this, but it might another view at Earth as Planet X. In theory and obvious enough. Either something must exit or something else is happening. They would also be so-called Psychotronics installations, as a meditation device.

An entry that we should in fact have considered the Television being the Doors of Perception (A. Huxley). The TV-set does exist in what we term the Exterior World. Or if it should exists inside the multi-verse next up for discussion.

There is a term "multi-verse" of explanation for various inconsistencies or paranormal happenings in the Physical Universe as well. Point being at two places at the same time, interesting Holograms. A multi-verse is not perhaps logical for a Human Body, that it seem devoid of much logical explanations in this. If we are in a multi-verse there is only the problem of Boredom, theoretically and logically. One explain a multi-verse for saying something like the Mandelbrot set (fractal) has contained an infinite amounts of Julia Sets.

There is a theory:.The best way to be so-called a Pressure Psychic, is being told what do (e.g. Pick 4 spades of this Deck please). Perhaps in the same way, the comments here loosen up.

Be it become, at least Theoretical Anti-matter to heal, and to go to the Theoretical Astral Future, and so on, down the line and etc. But unfortunately due to Psychology in the World, these things that are liable to break an inmate out from Prison! That there is a Dichotomy here. For instance to induce to someone and to Hypnotize them whatever, with this one is liable to do something good to some person win-win. That we note that picking the right card is a practically impossible but will if let unleash cry or laughter, at least. See note below on the Healing.

So-called, Symbiosis ought not to be confined to the mere Mortals. Consider a speaker, Mono-Sexual, and or a wooden Box, with Schrødingers Cat inside of it of course. On top of that a Silver vase, to lead some current from this box filled with dirt or not, or speakers with a glass, filled with stuff, not Mercury but Vinegar, is it possible to make drugs this way. And do expect the rug, so to speak, to be either flying or not with this. Below are some notes on making other Machines. All Humans love the machines, be it Anti-Matter Biological Machines, or otherwise. Theoretically that void Electrical Neurology or at least Existing in multiple bodies, is this.

Smoking Vampires, have been sighted. Julian Jaynes (author: The Origin Of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind) seem to have a thing or two to say, about The Construct. It seem people that does acquire so-called Historical Facts that break down to Personality,. that in practice it probably matter less if a history actually happened or not, but we are all curious about how much of the Mundane world is or isn't real. If there are some hidden to us, Donald Trump would be said to be a figure from History, but some facts about it may have been wrong. Down the line to someone would can be faked all-together.

This appear to be sub-space Anti-gravity be Careful. Blind Life Force, mentioned below. This must be what. And all that New Age "it blend in perfection and resonance" should have applied, then. This is would be a defence Mechanism or vice verse the opposite. This must also be related to so-called Zero Point Energy, etc. Numerology is Rubbish..

The Possible Neurology, involved with a described one way, by Ronald Davis (the gift of Dyslexia) might not only apply to Dyslexics. And need to be confined to the third Eye. If one does lack certain Electrical signals in Neurology one would appear as he describe to Mentally, be somewhere else. Consequently it would maybe be the reverse, that the Other place is in place, of one's Neurology, instead of what Ronald Davis describe. One does not have to stretch this further by saying something along the lines of, that we have in theory like Twin-towns. The twin Neurology maps. And an injunction, about this is the Question are there any Life Forms would be some Humans that are Pure Blind Life Force, something.

There would be a theory that we have akin to: Nothing to Something from/to "All" that is, but a switch here also. And We go from Nothing (eg.we have Nothing sensible say) on all the way left, then go all the way to the right to "eg.All/Anything is", then theoretically left to have "eg.Yes,The Something is finally". This diagrams doesn't describe the final Solution. Where very Theoretically, we push All via Something, back to the Nothing. Stupid way to explain, and This grammar may also be difficult to Comprehend check here, for comments on that. Note though, the Idea here is possibly Meta-Science or Meta-Physical, means going to any Limits. This is also about so-called tangibly. There is supposed to be a better diagram here, but not finished yet describing it in a way words would not Convey. Finally we might wish to permanently for everyone replace the Nothing with at least Something.

Seems that the only thing, that in the worst case, that we see that even though there should and must, be the Nirvana somehow, and on the previously mentioned Physical Machinery in the world, that worse things exist or have existed be this despite the big up stuff. That the only saviour for some a sort of sometimes last resort is what Anti-Matter (and Brainwashing vs Chemotherapy). Say One would end up pretty Wretched but rest assured that then would if it should be available (?). This is pure heresy, of course. We are able and to make a Synthesis is though, for the things mentioned on this page validating all, that it is Written. Issues are good.

The future is probably now, but are located in another Dimension (Astral?). A notorious idea, but is it true. Either is, or it is not. This would mean that time flows, so to speak, less linear than what one would think. Logically this is true, but not. The ideas, are scatter around this front page. And it would be possible more if all this is, though as Certain more primitive life-forms Reptoids would suggest, not really much that much. To "connect the dots" recommended but also not(?). We are planning on Destroying , this server but will keep it running as long as people need the confusing facts due Virus. And note UFO's are supposedly things about that go round and round, possibly to the dismay of Jupiter/Saturn. If the UFOs was from the Astral Dimension, and time was this way.

There are, must be,some Time flows. With the non-linear time it flowed upwards even at an earlier point than which the point one is currently at, as a possible solution.

The Bermuda Triangle should it be or a hoax (vs the Electromagnetic Setup), perhaps a Tetrahedron Triangular Pyramid. We make it first, an inversion of Space Case. Which had Created the means of further explorations. There are some books Describing actually what Physically was happening (there). We will consider Psychologically too, that a Tetrahedron would be the Inversion of the minds of the People trapped there, see below.?. That contrary to the idea that the Bermuda is nothing but a black Hole, in the Biosphere. Which is probably is. Occam's Razor?.

NASA:.Is the "Space case", that much is Obvious. However was it really. that safe to be Landed on the Moon. We had earlier comment that Schumann Resonance might or not exist on The Moon (so it would be quietude there), which they had all traveled to the Humanities Psychological , need. However, and if we evolved from the Fish, like Science had claimed but about Astrology teaching Going from Pisces, earlier evolve into the Aquarius. Also not learning is Linux.

If the Zodiac Ages, then just a Spiral on or have much more. And yet another mention the Ancient Civilizations are of course only the parallel Universes.

"Prime long, Live strong!.".

Last things first. We are hear that Christians got sick of hearing Jesus come through into the so-called Jehova's Witness -exploit hearing Jesus talking through Rock and Roll, we initially designed it to be as it was. That this paranoid Framework, according to Buckminster Fuller, but has about 12 spokes, to lock one a sphere. See our link-section if this gets too Confusing. We also note that Jesus Christ is said to have had 12 disciples.

Also some comments (experimental) on rendering a reading like this into Remote Viewing what. Dyslexia etc maybe in reality termed that one is not "allowed" to somehow get to read normal instructions we had said. Converse is so-called interfering to meddle in affairs, this is not admitted about Dyslexia etc.

That now we have the Virus, instead of paranormal Plasma Charges running over people in the streets. It appear that words and Science, may explain anything. This, apparently, does mean that just about anything is possible. If it's unspeakable it's still,sometimes, existing because it may be described. Trying to paint. And as mentioned about above the dimensions "not even nothing" may break through to our Mundane existence some times where we then have these paranormal happenings. (2020)

And this, synthesis and "anti-thesis" of the so-called 50% right Pseudo-science / Paranormal box, stuff. If that we can utilize, the potential of everything, like epileptic fits growing muscles, instead of. Or instead of driving a car, driving one's thoughts. This leads on right on too. Some people are outright offended, smell, when they discover that the Hoax was 50% real, 50% wrong a mere hypothesis. All this could potentially lead on to a Spirituality!. In stage Magic say at a Carnival during the Depression 30's, coined the term "Hoax Pokes", (or more common: Hokus Pokus or Hocks pokes) should it not Today be evident to most people here, just like Zen and Buddhism, has penetrated the West.

There was some point to this so-called Stage Magic but what? We had had some very vivid Dreams about Illusionists and there was also a written description some years ago in Nexus Magazine ( buy $1.50)on how this was happening in India (written in New in 1861 when News apparently was different than today?).

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